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Solar Panel Prices Are Falling

Solar Panel Prices Are FallingIn comparison to when the solar industry first started picking up speed to today, prices have greatly decrease to make it much more affordable for homeowners to start creating their own energy rather than paying SDGE every month.

Find Out The Cost of Adding Solar To Your Home

4 Step Solar Checklist

Every time we do a free home estimate, this is what we check for.

  1. Check the amount of usable sunlight hours your home is creating via SunCalc 
  2. Determine your average energy usage in kilowatt per hour based on your electricity bills
  3. See what California financing incentives your home is eligible for once making the switch the clean energy including YgreneCaliforniaFIRST and the HERO Program.
  4. Find out if there is available square footage on your roof to hold the panels.