Menards Bathroom Vanity: How to Install Vanity Mirrors yourself?

Menards bathroom vanity san diego

Menards Bathroom Vanity: How to Install Vanity Mirrors yourself?

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Menards Bathroom Vanity: How to Install Vanity Mirrors yourself?

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    Do you want to bring new and refreshing breaths of life into your old Menards bathroom vanity? If yes, then get ready to replace the old dirty mirrors with the decorative stylish frosting mirror. Yes, you heard it right; we are talking about vanity mirrors. If you do a bit of research you will find a variety of options in the shape of vanity mirrors. But the real question arises about how you can get it to install!

    Well if you have the same question back in your head, then this is the right place for you to get the required information. Go for the best installation of bathroom vanity mirrors to give your old bathroom a brand new and refreshing feel.

    Below we have shared a step-by-step tutorial to get you about the installation of vanity mirrors easily and yourself.

    Guide on Installing Mirrors for Menards bathroom vanity

    1. When you are purchasing the picture hanging kit, just be sure that it should be capable of holding with a maximum of 100 pounds.

    2. Now attach the picture wire straight to the frame of the vanity mirrors. This kit is available either with the eye or with the regular screws which are attached up all around the main loop. Knot up the wire tightly. You need to secure it well because this is the one which is supporting mirror weight before you get it to hang up.

    3. If you have a heavy vanity mirror over the thin wall, then try to go with the molly screws for hanging the mirror. Make use of multiple hooks for distributing the weight on equal terms.

    4. Now you have to mark the top edges and top center of the mirrors at Menards bathroom vanity over the wall. Start pulling picture wire at a farther distance. Just measure it from the top of your vanity mirror to a higher point on the wire. Measure down towards the center mark on the wall to one such point and make the marking for the hook. When you start using two or more two hooks, you need to start pulling the wire up. This has to be in between the two points. These points should be in between the top center and the top edges of the vanity mirrors. Mark them on the wall accordingly.

    5. Mount up the picture hooks and straight away hang them on the vanity mirrors. You need to try it a bit for leveling up the latest vanity mirror.

    6. You have to measure the mirrors on the Menards bathroom vanity as well. This measurement will help you to identify the center point and the bottom/top edges of your mirror towards the wall. At a distance of six inches, you have to mark the clips, in case you are choosing a square mirror. The same rule will be followed up for the circular and oval mirrors as well.

    7. Once they have been screwed in, you can attach the two clips at the bottom side. Spring-loaded clips can be easily attached all at once. For protecting the vanity mirrors, don’t forget to put some foam bumpers.

    8. Finally, rest down the vanity mirrors on the bottom of the two clips and on the center.

    Menards bathroom vanity san diego
    Menards bathroom vanity san diego


    Well, we hope that with this guide you must have got enough details about installing the mirrors on Menards bathroom vanity San Diego securely in one place.

    If youre looking for Bathroom remodeling san diego, just contact us, we can help 🙂

    There is no need to take any professional help. It might be a bit tricky for a beginner. But we are sure that a little practice will make it happen. Do it now!

    Bathroom remodeling san diego

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