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Kitchen Cabinets – A Rundown of Common Materials Used for Constructing

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Kitchen Cabinets – A Rundown of Common Materials Used for Constructing

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Kitchen Cabinets – A Rundown of Common Materials Used for Constructing

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    According to some people, kitchen cabinets are available just in wooden material. Wood is favorite because stays for a long-lasting time and is durable too. If you are following the same assumption, then you are wrong with this concept.

    Different materials are available for designing kitchen cabinets other than wood. Wood brings an elegant look into the cabinet. But some non-wooden materials are fantastic known for delivering excellent results over the kitchen cabinets. Let’s see which one of those tremendous materials is.

    Different types of materials used for constructing kitchen cabinets

    1.       Particleboard

    First, we have particleboard which is popular as the best alternative to wooden material. This material is a perfect combination of wooden and chips material. It is all held together by adhesive nature. It is then compress up into the form panels and with boards.

    Many kitchen cabinets in the current market are add up with particleboard materials. They are commonly best to use to design cabinet boxes and shelves. It is although not possible to stain or paint the particleboard directly. Hence, it is typically cover up with wood veneer, Thermofoil, and with laminate.

    2.       MDF (medium density fiberboard)

    MDF is another wooden composite kitchen cabinets material. It is equally popular, just like the particleboard. This material has the composition of wooden fibers. You won’t find it based on particles and chips. Manufacturers often use the adhesives to hold them all together. It is then compress up into boards and panels.

    MDF has a higher density, which is more delicate and heavier in texture. It is generally best to use in the construction of shelves, boxes, and doors. Plus, they are often add up with the layering of laminates, wood veneer or Thermofoil.

    3.       Plywood

    Next comes the plywood! Many of us have listened it during the home construction time. This kitchen cabinets material is based on thin slices of wood called piled. It is alternating with the adhesive to bind them together like any multi-layered sandwich.

    As compared to particleboard and MDF, plywood is a bit pricey. But it is extremely premium in results. You can even mention plywood as the combination of solid wood and plywood.

    4.       Metal

    After wood kitchen cabinets, steel cabinets are the most popular one. They have the stainless steel nature which makes them so much popular. You might have seen the common use of metal material for the construction of drawers and cabinets. It is hence much appropriate to add the kitchen cabinets with the industrial looks. In some of the cases, cabinet makers will offer some wood-based cabinets with stainless steel doors.

    5.       Laminate

    Laminate form kitchen cabinets use a similar material that is available on the counter-tops. They are thinner in texture. Laminates are plastic products, resulting from the fusion of the polymer resins and the paper through heat and pressure. Laminate can often act as the surface of the wood-based cabinet boxes or the doors for easy cleanliness.

    6.       Melamine

    Last is melamine which is a chemical compound based on different uses! This includes Formica as well as plate ware. Manufacturers hence fuse melamine resin and the paper into a thin flat sheet covering. This makes it easy to clean and is waterproof for cabinets.

    A Final Word

    This was all about a few of the common and popular materials to use for a perfect design of kitchen cabinets. Each of the materials is unique. And hence they are dramatic in overall appearance to make the kitchen cabinets look fantastic for the eyes. Which one of the above materials is your favorite?

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