Definitive Guide on Different Color Options for your Granite Countertop

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Definitive Guide on Different Color Options for your Granite Countertop

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Are you planning to install a granite countertop for your kitchen area? Is it hard for you to choose which granite countertop colour can add more beauty to your kitchen?

We all know that choosing granite is the current new trend in the market and its availability of different color choices has made the granite countertop the favorite one. Starting with the light neutral tone to the combination of some dark shades gives you the freedom to choose any of them.

Let’s check out a few of the excellent color options to choose for your granite countertop right now:

List of Different Color Options for a Granite Countertop

·       Azurite

Azurite granite originated from Brazil, a creamy granite shade mixed with brown as well as blue tones. It is initially designed in providing a fantastic contrast to the whole granite countertop.

Sometimes, you will also find the azurite granite paired up with lighter brown designs for the granite countertop. The best thing about azurite is that it can go well with all shades no matter whether it is of darker hues, lighter tone or the one with blue touch to make the granite countertop look stand out.

·       Baltic brown

The Baltic brown for granite countertop is made from different color shades mixing black and brown. It hence contains a small grey and tan amount as well.

White is always the best option to mix it with the Baltic brown countertop because it, later on, adds a neutral tone to the whole surface, which hence makes it look attractive.

·       Brass Blue Granite

Brass blue granite has a dark background with white patches and a minor swirl of black and grey shades. You will rarely find this color in countertops, but you are still among the luckiest ones if you get it.

This fantastic granite has a cool undertone which can work great for the interiors. It is excellent to pick for exterior and interior applications. You can hence mix the brass blue countertop with the copper and gold fixtures as well.

·       Caravelas Gold

Caravelas Gold granite is one of the top favorite colors for the granite countertop. This color is polished with cream and white colored stones and a black or the gold combination.

It is popular because it goes well with both dark and light cabinets to add a contemporary look to it. White cabinets will allow the black and gold countertop to match together well for creating an appealing effect.

·       Namibian Gold Granite

Last we have Namibian gold granite, which is a blend of greys and cool whites altogether. It hence involves a combination of gold’s and warm creams to make the countertop an extra appealing one.

Thus, Namibian Gold is an exotic-coloured stone that hence combines well in warm environments to have a natural glow for the interiors.

A Final Word

So what are you waiting for? If you want to make your countertop attractive and inspiring, then choose one fantastic color of granite right now. Look for the one that goes according to the countertop theme and matches the rest of the color combinations. Go for it!


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