4 Step Solar Checklist

Every time we do a free home estimate, this is what we check for.

  1. Check the amount of usable sunlight hours your home is creating via SunCalc 
  2. Determine your average energy usage in kilowatt per hour based on your electricity bills
  3. See what California financing incentives your home is eligible for once making the switch the clean energy including YgreneCaliforniaFIRST and the HERO Program.
  4. Find out if there is available square footage on your roof to hold the panels.



Solar Milestone for San Diego

“Connecting 100,000 private solar rooftops is a clean energy milestone worth celebrating and signifies this community’s commitment to increasing energy from sources that help reduce our environmental impact for the benefit of future generations,” said Caroline Winn, SDG&E’s chief energy delivery officer.

Solar Milestone: 100,000 Private Rooftop Arrays Installed in San Diego



Solar Potential of San Diego

Solar panel installation in San Diego has the potential to greatly decrease the amount of carbon dioxide being emitted into the air. Alternative energy is the perfect way to save money while helping to San Diego’s Air clean.


Source: Project Sunroof data explorer (October 2016).

Wearing Nonslip Shoes

Unlike falling on a sidewalk or inside the home, falling on a roof can result in extremely serious and even catastrophic injuries. One way to further prevent falls is to simply wear a safety harness. This is a great safety device that can protect an individual if a slip or fall were to occur. Falling off of a roof can even result in loss of life and that is why all precautions must be considered. Wearing nonslip shoes is also always a good idea. Contact Coast Energy Solution today to learn more about San Diego roofing contractor related services.

Working On A Roof

Another safety measure that should be incorporated into any type of roofing work is that of firmly securing a ladder that will be placed on a dirt or grass surface. One of the best ways to secure this type of ladder arrangement is to simply dig holes to firmly hold the bottom portion of the ladder in place. Equally important is to always avoid walking on a roof when it is wet or icy. Even loose leaves can cause one to lose their footing and fall. Working on a roof is a serious matter and is a situation that must be treated with respect.

Smart And Cost-Effective

Another important aspect of deciding whether or not to replace windows that often goes overlooked is whether or not a home is excessively noisy. Cheap or inexpensive windows provide little to no noise reduction or noise protection. Those living in busy urban areas may find that window replacement is a smart and cost-effective way of improving overall quality of life. A dual pane window or windows incorporating laminated glass can substantially reduce overall noise levels inside of a home. Enjoying comfortable levels of noise and peace and quiet throughout the day can sometimes be as simple as upgrading existing windows.

Roofing Safety Tips For Homeowners

While enlisting the services of a professional roofer or roofing contractor is always the best option when roofing problems arise, some homeowners still choose to do certain types of work on their own. As such it is worth considering a few important roofing related safety tips. For example, those choosing to do their own roofing repair or maintenance work should never work alone. Accidents happen and that is why it is always a good idea to have someone else involved in any type of roofing repair or maintenance. Even the act of simply inspecting a roof should never be done alone.

A Ladder Stabilizer

In addition, when working with a ladder it is important and essential to ensure that it is is firmly placed on the ground. Establishing a ladder on a level surface that is solid and stable is typically the best option. Many accidents have occurred in the past because a ladder was poorly positioned or poorly placed. One of the best options available today is to make use of a ladder stabilizer. This type of device is attached to the top of the ladder and can easily help in preventing accidents.

Better Noise Reduction

Finally, many older structures and homes were built years ago with windows that have single pane glass. It is a known fact that single pane glass is inefficient and ineffective at protecting a home interior adequately. For a more energy-efficient home it is best to consider installing dual-pane windows as a way to improve energy efficiency.This provides for better noise reduction and will ultimately protect the contents of a home more effectively. As an added bonus, installing new windows in a home that will soon be sold will generally improve the chances of making a successful sale.

Tips For Deciding When To Replace Home Windows

Windows in any home are an integral and important part of the overall structure. However, windows become old and outdated over time and may eventually require replacement. That said there are some easy and sensible tips for deciding when to replace windows in a typical residential home. For example, anytime water leaks are detected or a draft of cold air can be felt around a window it may be time to consider replacing a single window or windows throughout the entire home.