Bathroom Faucets: How to Clean Bathroom Sink Faucets At Home?

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Bathroom Faucets: How to Clean Bathroom Sink Faucets At Home?

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When you use bathroom faucets in San Diego for daily purposes for your household tasks, it is pretty standard that the faucets get stained and grimy in just a few days. Soap, toothpaste, hair, or the general grime can instantly leave the faucet in need of serious bathroom faucets cleaning.

If you think that cleaning the bathroom faucets is a challenging task, then here we are to rescue you with a simple and easy-to-do method at home. Let’s look at the step-by-step tutorial below for better know-how.

Tools Required for Cleaning Bathroom Faucets san Diego

  • Cleaning cloths, i.e. 1 dry & 1 wet
  • Warm water
  • Dish soap
  • Non-abrasive cleaner
  • Vinegar
  • Old toothbrush

Step by Step Tutorial for Cleaning Bathroom Faucets

Before you get started with bathroom faucet cleaning, you should check the manufacturer’s instruction guide to have a successful cleaning of the faucet. Few bathroom faucets types are easy to clean, but some facets need some special maintenance.

Step No 1: Start with the basic cleaning

Use mild dish soap with warm water for fulfilling basic cleaning needs. No matter whatsoever type of bathroom faucets you are about to clean, each requires mild water and soap to start basic cleaning.

Dry your bathroom faucets with a dry cleaning cloth to see the instant shine on bathroom faucets. This even helps you to prevent any spotting on faucet finishing.

Step no 2: Using vinegar for removing dirt

If you feel that soap and water are not removing gunk from it, then the next step is to use white vinegar. You can mix the half vinegar in half water and use a cloth to remove any fingerprints or spots.

To see if it can work on your type, the best way is to test the water/vinegar solution so it won’t damage the faucet even more.

Step No 3: Cleaning the Bathroom faucet edges

It is an excellent start if you start the cleaning by wiping off the bath faucet’s surface. Most bathroom faucets collect dirt all around the edge areas where the faucet and sink meet each other.

You can use plain water and dish soap for cleaning the edges in which using an old toothbrush as the cleaning tool can work best. Wipe off the bath faucets with a dry cleaning cloth.

Step No 4: Cleaning the drain area of the sink

The last step is cleaning the drain area of your bath faucets or sink, which requires maximum time and attention. You can use a non-abrasive cleaner like the Soft scrub or the Barkeeper’s Friend for cleaning this whole portion. If you use the cleaner first, then testing it first over a required bath faucets amount is highly recommended.


A lot of care is needed for cleaning bath faucets because regular cleaning means using them for a longer time. For best bathroom faucets finishing, abrasive brushes and scrub sponges are not the best solutions. But still, if you are in doubt, you can go for the testing at some hidden areas. Surface cleaner or mild glass is something that can work great.

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